MSLIA 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

MSLIA 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday, June 7, 2019
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Bloomer Park

  1. Meeting called to order 7:02 PM.
  2. Greg read minutes of 2018 meeting. Minutes were approved.
  3. Presidents Report: Welcomed attendees. Gave brief overview of Winter Party (Pete took 2 nd in Chili Cook-off), Meeting with Oakland County Water Resources Commission, ski course letter, lake weeding, Doug Browne Agency sponsorship, fish stocking and board activity.
  4. Vice President Report: Jeff showed the new MSL items for sale and asked for suggestions. May have towels available at Summer party.
  5. Treasurers Report: Chip provided overview of the current finances, discussed the prior balance collection effort and the 2019 budget. Everyone in attendance received a copy of the report which will be posted to the website. A suggestion was made to approach Bay Pointe for donation to fireworks. Discussed placing liens on delinquent properties.
  6. Secretary’s Report: Gave brief overview of the lien process.
  7. Standing Committee and Association reports

    a. Social – Boat parade 7/4 at 7p.m. There will be a prize for best decorated boat.  Thanked Doug Browne for his support at the winter party. Summer Party will be a floating party in the bay between Westacres and Boy Scout Point on 7/20, 1 pm.  Fireworks donations are stagnant from last year. Requested volunteers. 8/3 is the boat rally date.
    b. Water Quality – Cody Kurzer – Will stay with Mike Mogle for weeding this year, early July time frame. Will be stocking the lake in fall with Small Mouth Bass.
    c. Ecology/Biology – Al Proulx – Absent, will be monitoring water quality and submitting to the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program.
    d. Government Relations – Mike Caruso – absent – Discussed the meetings regarding the weir at Green Lake Rd.
    e. Public Relations – Kara Dunn – Will take over the Facebook postings along with updating the website.
    f. Lake safety – Jim Mann – absent.
    g. Twin Beach Park – Greg Andrick – Gave update on the beach house planning.

  8. New Business – Went over the efforts over the last year to get W.B. to issue a position paper on boat docking for residents and associations. They gave us a one-page document on lakefront resident ordinances which is posted on the website, but nothing yet for the associations. We are concerned about the number of boats docked for safety reasons. There will be a meeting at the township on 7/8 before the board meeting to discuss this. They are hoping to have association representatives, MSLIA, DEQ and township officials present. Debbie Campbell made a motion to get contract terms and price for the board to vote on for a marine patrol of 40 hours per season. Lois Langburg seconded and the motion was approved 10 – 6. Chip or Debbie Campbell will investigate and present their findings to the board.
  9. Old Business – Greg Andrick motioned to adjourn, Cody seconded. Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM.


    Greg Andrick
    Margaret Andrick
    Gary Witalac
    Pete Saules
    Karen Saules
    Barb Ford
    Bob Ford
    Kara Dunn
    Chip Campbell
    Debby Campbell
    Jeff Carroll
    Cody Kurzer
    John Bremner
    Steve Shickel
    Lois Langberg
    Mark Langberg
    Lori Levy
    Nancy Stakoe
    Ed Stakoe
    Betty Barbour
    Larry Moriunti
    Val Moriunti