Not all events are sponsored by MSLIA


  • Winter Party – February 4th

  • Golf Outing –

  • Annual Meeting – Friday, June 2nd – 7 PM – At Bloomer Park Pavilion

  • Summer Party –

  • Boat Parade –

  • Fireworks – Friday, July 8th – At Sunset

  • Boat Rally

  • Weed harvesting
    Is scheduled for the 2nd week in July – We kindly ask everyone to pull in their floating swim platforms to make navigation easier weed cutters. We also need full cooperation of Eldora property owners to make sure that we have all email addresses to notify the day of planned canal weeding. The harvester will not go down the canal if there are any boats due to a previous issue.

  • Fish Stocking –
    Fish Stocking for 2021 took place in October with Bass. According to a DNR fish study several years ago, our fishery was healthy. We alternate stocking the lake with Pike and Bass, and plan to continue working on our stocking program.

  • Dues Invoices –
    You should have received your annual dues invoice shortly after the first of the year. The board wants to thank everyone who pays their dues in a timely manner. MSLIA dues are not discretionary and are payable by all lakefront and unimpeded lake view lots as provided by P.A. 129 under which the MSLIA is incorporated.  We use the funds to further the health and safety of the lake for all, including fish stocking, water quality monitoring, invasive weed control and emergency response in the event of an environmental issue. This year liens will be filed on any properties that are 5 or more years delinquent in their dues. Letters went out this spring to inform those who meet this criterion. Once a lien is filed a property can not be transferred, sold or refinanced without having the lien released. ATTENTION: There is an added line located on your dues this year for donations towards the 2023 Middle Straits Lake Fireworks.

  • Lake Level Control – Middle Straits water level is maintained by a large pump located west of Newton Road that pumps water from the Huron River into Lower Straits which feeds up stream to Middle Straits Lake. This pump is maintained by Oakland County Water Resources Commission (WRC, formerly the Drain Commission) and its upkeep is paid by lakefront homeowners through a Special Assessment District which appears on your tax bill. This pump is over 50 years old but was fully refurbished over the 2017-2018 winter at a cost of approximately $26,000. This pump is able to push 4,500 gallons per hour, but it only can run when there is available water in the Huron River.

  • Bay Pointe Update – Bay Pointe is up for sale again.