Welcome to the MSLIA - Middle Straits Lake Website!

The MSLIA Board:

President - Pete Saules, Colony Drive
Vice President - Jeff Carroll, Colony Drive
Secretary - Greg Andrick, Dandison Court
Treasurer - Chip Campbell, Colony Drive
Lake Safety Director - Bob Barbour, Detroit Blvd
Lake Level Director - Jeff Payne, Dandison Court
Social Director - Matt Barron, Dandison Blvd.
Ecology/Biology and Water Quality Director - Cody Kurzer, Colony Drive
Government Relations - Mike Caruso, Dandison Court
Public Relations - Linea Coles, Dandison Court
Public Relations - Mike Mankvitz, Colony Drive
Public Relations - Mike Tomczky, Colony Drive
Web Master - Kara Dunn, Detroit Blvd.
Investment Manager / Lake Safety Director Emeritus - James Mann, Colony Drive
Help fund our fireworks!  We are planning to have a fireworks display for our lake by Gen X Fireworks.  We have set up a GoFundMe account to raise money.

The MSLIA Board will update this website periodically
to keep you informed, so make sure you bookmark and return here for the latest information regarding your lake.

We are a non-profit organization representing the lakefront owners of Middle Straits Lake in Oakland County, Michigan.

Middle Straits Lake Improvemnt Association

Westacres Community Association - Charlie Augenbaugh
Twin Beach Park Association - Lynn Carnacchi
Crystal Echo Beach Improvement Association - Sarah Obomsawin
Tripps Middle Straits Lake - Tracy Mcilroy
Twin Beach Civic Association -Sean Hook
Lakewood Estates - John Bonnett