MSLIA 2018 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

MSLIA 2018 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday, June 1, 2018
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Bloomer Park

  1. Meeting called to order 7:10  PM. 
  2. Greg read minutes of 2017 meeting. Minutes were approved.
  3. Presidents Report: Pete Gave a summary of the committees roles and responsibilities and introduced the board. Talked about the lake pump issue from last year.
  4. Vice President Report: Jeff showed the new MSL items for sale and asked for suggestions. Coozies and thermal mugs are the next items to sell.
  5. Treasurers Report: Chip provided overview of the current finances, discussed the prior balance collection effort and the 2018 budget.  Everyone in attendance received a copy of the report which will be posted to the website.
  6. Secretary’s Report:  Called for volunteers, anyone interested in serving on the board, and email addresses from all members.
  7. Standing Committee and Association reports

    a.  Social – Boat parade 7/4 at 7p.m.  There will be a prize for best decorated boat.  Thanked Doug Browne for his support at the winter party. Summer Party will be at Stoney Beach 6/30, 1 pm with music. Gofundme for fireworks is up over $1,000 from last year. Requested volunteers.  8/18 is the boat rally date.
    b.  Water Quality – Cody Kurzer – Will stay with Mike Mogle for weeding this year, end of July beginning of August time frame. Will be stocking the lake in fall with the budget of $1,500.
    c.  Ecology/Biology – Al Proulx – Gave an update on the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program involvement and the clarity of our lake. Would like to do some more water testing and weed surveys. 
    d.  Government Relations – Mike Caruso – Mike, Pete and Greg met with Water Resources Commission staff and Jim Nash.  The pump is repaired and being reinstalled within the next week.  Long term solution of augmentation wells was discussed at the meeting along with the issue of the Upper Straits Lake weir failing at Green Lake Rd.
    e.  Public Relations – Absent.f.  Lake safety – Mr. Mann recapped the prior year’s efforts to increase safety and awareness on the lake.

  8. Twin Beach Park – Greg Andrick – Gave update on the beach house planning as well as the bio swale that was installed to reduce run-off pollution from the parking lot.
  9. New Business – Doug Browne gave a short presentation of the Lake Estate insurance package which his company provides.
  10. Old Business – Greg Andrick motioned to adjourn, Matt seconded.  Meeting adjourned 7:51 PM.


Greg Andrick
Margaret Andrick
Gary Witalac
Pete Saules
Karen Saules
Mike Coraci
Barb Ford
Bob Ford
Mike Dunn
Kara Dunn
Jim Mann
Terri Menning
James Bee
Matt Barron
Connie Barron
Avis Aho
Gary Aho
Chip Campbell
Jeff Carroll
Mike Caruso
Alan Proulx
Cody Kurzer
Lori Bott
Dennis Bott
Mark Kerney
Susan Kerney
Steve Shickel
Karen Shickel
John May
Lois Langberg
Mark Langberg
David Jackso
Lori Levy
Jeff Payne
Nancy Stakoe
Nanette Nawrot