MSLIA 2015 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

MSLIA 2015 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday, June 5, 2015
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Bloomer Park

  1. Meeting called to order 7:02  PM. 
  2. Greg read minutes of 2014 meeting. Minutes were approved.
  3. Presidents Report: Jeff Carroll (Pete Saules Absent) – Announced upcoming summer party date.  Requested that members provide emails, provided weeding schedule (last week of July is schedule), provided fish stocking update.  Reviewed winter party and asked for any suggestions for other activities.
  4. Vice President Report: Included in President’s report.
  5. Treasurers Report: Greg Andrick (Bob Barbour absent) – provided treasurers report from Bob: $9125 in checking and $8045 in long term savings.  As of May approximately 65% of invoices have been pad.
  6. Secretary’s Report:  Gave overview of prior year activity.
  7. Standing Committee and Association reports
    a.  Social – Matt Barron – Boat Parade will be held Friday 7/4 at 7PM.  Boats should gather at east end of lake.  There will be a prize for best boat.  Winter party had to be delayed but turned out great.  Requested ideas for activities or events.
    b.  Water Quality – Cody Kurzer – Weeding will take place the last week of July.  We are using the same company as last year.  Fish stocking is scheduled for October.
    c.  Ecology/Biology – Will be scheduling a lake study next year.
    d.  Government Relations – No report.
    e.  Public Relations – Linea Coles – Newsletter was sent out to update all residents.  Facebook is being updated regularly so please check it and Like us.
    f.  Lake safety – Jeff outlined the self-policing efforts that have been undertaken.  Chip Campbell may be interested in helping.
    g.  Westacres – Scott Donegan reported that West Acres has a marina permit that allows 70 boats to be moored.
    h.  Bay Pointe – Sea wall replacement appears to be ongoing.
    i.  Twin Beach Civic – Sean Hook – Had 42 members last year.  Clean-up is scheduled for this weekend.
    j.  CEBIA – Absent but they are in process of replacing the sea wall at their auxiliary property.
    k.  Twin Beach Park – Greg Andrick – TBPA is finalizing plans for its new beach house and hopes to start construction next year.

  8. New Business: 
    Request that we look into Goose round-up.
    We will be conducting a lake study.

Old Business – Mark M motioned to adjourn, Greg seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.


Greg Andrick
Margaret Andrick
Linea Coles
Betty Barbour
Gene & Gail Laveroni
Gary Witalac
Matt & Connie Barron
Cody Kurzer
Ed Stakoe
Jeff Carroll
Gary Aho
Jim & Debbie Dutton
Dawn Williams
Mark Menning
Debby and Chip Campbell
Sean Hook
John Bremner
Ron Flannery
Scott Donegan
Sharon Medwed