MSLIA 2013 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

MSLIA 2013 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday, June 7, 2013
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Bloomer Park

  1. Meeting called to order 7:10 PM. 
  2. Greg read minutes of 2012 meeting.
  3. Presidents Report: Pete Saules gave an update on weeds, which are not as bad this year as last, and water clarity which looks good.  He introduced new boar associate, Ryan Higuchi who works in aquatic biology. Bay Pointe has replaced part of their seawall, but boaters need to be aware of the metal rods that further out and sticking up from the bottom.  Dues collection is better this year than last.  We sent out a letter drafted by an attorney to delinquent members.  We are investigating reinstating a SAD.  There was an eagle sighting this spring.  Went over the agenda for the meeting. Fishing tournament is scheduled for 9/14 and boat rally for 8/24.  Thanked everyone for their participation and support.
  4. Vice President Report: Jeff Carroll described the merchandise and asked for input on other items. Hoodies, colorful women’s shirts and a new banner were requested.
  5. Treasurers Report: Bob Barbour – Received 129 payment out of 198 invoices for 66%. Three parks still owe dues: TBPA, TBC and Tripps. $10,212 in bank. We have paid a $2,000 deposit for this year’s weeding which is a little over $6,000 and we will be stocking fish as well.
  6. Secretary’s Report: Provided update on non-payors action.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a.  Social – Mike Mankvitz – We had a great winter party with Linea Coles winning 3rd place in the chili cook-off. Summer party is scheduled for 6/29 at Twin Beach Park
    b.  Water Quality – Mark Boley – Weeding will take place the first week of August and we have already paid $2,000 to secure our time slot. We will stock 250 Pike in mid-October.
    c.  Ecology/Biology – Carim Calkins – The phosphorous level in our lake is remaining stable. Please do not fertilize your lawn since much of it washes into the lake and fuels the weed growth. Latest Secchi disk reading was 12’. There was a discussion on weed harvesting vs. chemical treatment and a discussion on invasive weeds. Carim will check on Upper and Lower to see how they are doing. Cody Kurzer, an environmental engineer and new resident on the lake, volunteered to join the board.
    d.  Government Relations – Mike Caruso – Discussed meeting that Mike and Greg had with the West Bloomfield treasurer and assessor regarding formation of a SAD.
    e.  Public Relations – Linea Coles – Asked people to “like” us on Facebook. Requested people send pictures of lake related activities to her or the lake board email address to post on our page.
    f.  Lake safety – James Mann – No big issues to report in the last year. There will be no sheriff this year, but we have 3 megaphones at various points on the lake. Everyone needs to help out to enforce no-wake and reckless boating. Jeff Carroll requested a blue-light.

  8. New Business:  We have 2 new board members, Matt Barron and Mike Tomczyk.  There will be a boat parade on 7/4, Mr. Mann will be the grand marshal.  6/18 is next board meeting at Matt Barrron’s house.  Greg motioned to adjourn Mark Boley 2nd.  Adjourned at 8:15 PM.


Greg and Margaret Andrick
Linea Coles
Mike and Keri Tomczyk
Bob and Betty Barbour
Jim Mann
Gail Laveroni
Mark Boley
Mike Mankvitz
Gary Witalac
Matt Barron
Cody Kurzer
Mike and Laura Caruso
Carim Calkins
Ed Stakoe
Pat Scarpaci