Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Friday June 4, 2010
7:00 PM, eastern time
Twin Beach Elementary School
  1. Meeting called to order 7:16 PM.  Present: Greg Andrick,  Margaret Andrick, Debbie Dutton, John Bremner, Terri Menning, Mark Menning, Karen Saules, Jeff Carroll, Mark Boley, Kimm Dobson-Nesti, Carim Calkins.
  2. Greg read minutes of previous meeting, Margaret motioned to approve, Mark M 2nd, approved with no corrections.
  3. Presidents Report: Jeff Carroll presented presidents report.  Recap of previous year: Summer party was a huge success with $400 raffle income and 2 marinas participated. Winter party raised $80 and Mr. Mann donated his $80 winnings back to the association. Currently there is no development scheduled at Bay Pointe. We met with Oak Management and they committed to keep the golf course and paid ½ of their back dues. Hung filmed on the lake again and will be back week.  They donated $1000 to the lake, they would like our tax-id.
  4. Treasurers Report: Handed out 2009 end of year report and YTD financial report.  Treasurer was absent but provided reports.
  5. Secretary’s Report: Provided updates on website and email requests.
  6. Standing Committee reports

    a.  Social – 8/11 is the summer party schedule for this year.
    b.  Water Quality – Weed harvest scheduled for 3rd week of July. Fish stocking will take place in October.  Waiting for permits for 1,200 Redear sunfish.
    c.  Ecology/Biology –  Lake is clean with Secchi disk readings of 16-18' 22' was max.  Working on run-off issues at Stony Beach and seawall at Baypointe.
    e.  Lake safety – Mr. Mann talked about self-policing.

  7. New Business:

    a.  West Acres getting permits to remove dead trees and install rip-rap. They have lost about 5' of lakeshore in the last year.
    b.  Tripps – working on boat launch.
    c.  Request was made to send a note to organizations on the lake to ask that people not anchor or stop in the narrowest part of the lake.

  8. Board Elections: Board was unanimously re-elected as it stands

  9. Old Business – Discussion on there being no Sheriff on the lake.  It was generally perceived as posite. Motion to Adjourn 7:52 By Mark M, seconded.  Next year annual meeting will  NOT be at Twin Beach Elementary.