Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Tuesday, September 11, 2018
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Mad Hatter Pub – Wonderland Lanes

  1. Meeting called to order 7:07 PM.  Present: Pete Saules, Greg Andrick, Mark C, Jeff Payne, Matt Barron, Chip Campbell, Al Proulx
  2. Approved minutes of August Meeting.
    Presidents Report: Contacted WRC about lake level and they turned the pump on and will run it as long as there is water available. Imlay City Fish Farm not sure they can provide our fish this year. It will be 3-4 weeks (end of September) they will call us.  If available will also pick up golden shiners. Fishing tournament is 9/22.
  3. V.P. Report:  Absent.
  4. Treasurers Report: Went over report. 80% have paid this year and we wrote off $8,700 in old uncollectable invoices.
  5. Secretary Report: no report.
  6. Standing Committee reports
    a.  Social – Deposited GoFundMe proceeds with treasurer. Would like to do an event with fish stocking and have cider and donuts for the kids.
    b.  Water Quality – absent.
    c.  Ecology/Biology  - no report.
    d.  Lake safety –  absent.
    e.  Public Relations – absent.
    f.  Government Relations – absent.
    g.  Associations – West Acres filmed a Jeep commercial at the boat launch. WA is also having a fishing tournament coming up.

  7. New Business –  Chip requested that we invoice next year based on the amounts set forth in the bylaws.  Pete needs a letter outlining our position to approach Upper and Lower on lake levels and weed management.  Mark C to check with Westacres on who does the fireworks and whether we can team up.  Chip and Jeff will meet with the township on Friday to discuss the various boat dock issues on the lake.
  8. Old Business – Meeting adjourned at 8:00.  Next meeting is 10/10 at Multi-Lakes.