Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Wednesday, May 13, 2020
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Zoom Conference

  1. Called to Order at 7:08 PM. Present: Pete S, Greg A, Al P, Sean H, Chip
  2. Minutes were read and approved from March meeting.
  3. Presidents Report: Called Lombardo but got no response regarding Baypointe development. Mr. Mann is in the hospital. West Acres discussion.
  4. V.P. Report: Absent.
  5. Secretary Report: Deposited checks received so far – no West Acres payment yet.
  6. Treasurers Report: No expenses since winter party. Need to get new quote on BOD insurance. Will call West Acres regarding delinquent dues.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a. Social – absent
    b. Water Quality – Will scan and send CLMP certificate. We will not have any phosphorous testing this year.
    c. Ecology/Biology - absent.
    d. Lake safety – absent.
    e. Public Relations – absent
    f. Government Relations – absent.
    g. Associations – TBCC – putting in their docks this weekend.

  8. New Business – Annual meeting planning. Al P motioned, Chip 2 nd – Hold meeting at Bloomer, ask people to bring chairs and wear masks. Passed unanimously. Will send notice via postcards and ask Kara to update website and Facebook. We need new contact email for Westacres, Discussion on annual meeting content.
  9. Old Business – Adjourned 8:15pm – next meeting July 8th – Location TBD