Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Wednesday, May 12, 2021
7:00 PM, Eastern Time

  1. Called to Order at 7:13 PM. Present: Pete S, Greg A, Mike C, Cody K, Matt U, Jared H, Chip C, Kara D, Al P, Jeff C
  2. Minutes were approved from the April meeting.
  3. Presidents Report: Lake level is up over the last 2 weeks. Westacres submitted a request to determine when they joined MSLIA, we directed them to the website.
  4. V.P. Report: No report.
  5. Secretary Report: Forwarded info to Westacres.
  6. Treasurers Report: Chip went over the financial report. We are projecting a $5,997 deficit for a year due to fireworks. We will be able to absorb it from checking but it will deplete our cash on hand. CEBIA was willing to allow Doug to advertise his banner from the auxiliary park. Annual meeting – will provide copies of budget and income statement.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a. Social – Chip will contact WB to reserve Bloomer for the annual meeting – 6/4 at 7pm.
    b. Water Quality – May be last year for Mike Mogle. Cody looking at Oakland Harvesters. Chip to forward previous load reports. Need to add MSLIA and WB to insurance for Mike’s Clearwater Harvesting. Will see if he can use the property across Richardson again.
    c. Ecology/Biology – Need $90 reimbursement for the lake monitoring program. Getting weeding quotes. Will check with Michigan Lakes and Streams and get us back in good standing.
    d. Lake Safety – Bob B – No report.
    e. Public Relations – Discussion on Facebook, we were accused of deleting comments, but none have been deleted. People are responding to other people so the comments get buried.
    f. Associations – Sean said most of TBCA activities are on hold but they will have their tag day and issue new keys in the spring.

  8. New Business – Recommend trying to invite Kaplan, Neary, Andy Hartz and Gordon Bowdell. The golf outing will be at Baypointe Dave Rossow is helping Matt U.
  9. Old Business – Next meeting June 4 at Bloomer. Determined we should post the 99 letters from WBT. Scott Donegan showed up at Kara’s house.