Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Tuesday, January 14, 2020
7:00 PM, Eastern Time
Carroll Residence

  1. Called to Order at 7:02 PM. Present: Pete S, Greg A, Bob B, Jeff C, Jim M, Cody K, Alan P, Kara D, Mike C
  2. Minutes were approved from November meeting.
  3. Presidents Report: Spoke with Greg W at Lombardo regarding Baypointe. They aren’t ready to meet with us, still analyzing the soil boring and other due diligence. Pete will follow-up at the end of January.
  4. V.P. Report: Looking at printing 20 beach towels for summer for $500. Kara will post a request for new logo/design for them.
  5. Secretary Report: Shared FOIA response which was minimal. Mailed invoices which Chip had prepared.
  6. Treasurers Report: Went over current financial report. Question arose whether Westacres has paid (they have not). Decided to go with only one weed harvest this year.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a. Social – Winter party is moved to Feb 29, 2020. Looking at selling Super Bowl squares again as fundraiser for fireworks. Greg will set up and email members.
    b. Water Quality – Registered with CLMP and will submit Clarity and phosphorous samples again. Worked with CLMP to submit last years clarity data
    c. Ecology/Biology - Will only cut once. Discussed possibility of purchasing the lakefront parcel at the far east end of the lake in the wetlands.
    d. Lake safety – Reminded the board that we voted to not approve a Sheriff on the lake for 2020. Also requested that we renew our Michigan Lakes and Streams membership for the year.
    e. Public Relations – Kara will update the website for the winter party and summer meeting.
    f. Government Relations – Discussed the Westacres boat situation. Decided that we should not be involved in setting the number as it may provide a mechanism for other associations to obtain boat dockage and there will be no official enforcement mechanism that can be employed. Talked about working on a PR campaign to shame WB into enforcing the zoning ordinance.
    g. Associations – None present.

  8. New Business – Cody paid $55 cash dues to Greg, Pete paid $6 for his vacant parcel, Bob provided a $55 check for his dues.
  9. Old Business – Adjourned 8:30 – next meeting Febnruary 11 – Matt Barron’s new pad (or Mad Hatter if Matt declines).