Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Tuesday, January 11, 2011
7:00 PM, eastern time
Caruso Residence

  1. Meeting called to order 7:00 PM. Present: Pete Saules, Greg Andrick, Mark Boley, Jeff Carroll, Carim Calkins, Mike and Laura Caruso, Mark Menning, Bob Barbour, Mike Mankvitz Judy Flaherty
  2. No minutes of previous meeting available for review.
  3. Presidents Report: Meeting will focus on the upcoming winterfest. Asked about new t-shirts, Jeff is looking into fleeces to sell along with remaining t-shirts at winter party. Judy from TBPA said there will be WBFD personnel to judge chili. Gave Greg a copy of the info sheet for chili cook-off.  Jeff C made motion that MSLIA rent the tent for chili, motion passed. We will provide additional $25 to TBPA to offset miscellaneous supply costs and coffee and hot chocolate. Will need to rent port-a-pottie - Greg to take care of.   Pete and Greg will pick up beer from Twin Beach Market. Jeff will purchase hot dogs, buns, refreshments, snacks, and will bring megaphone for 50/50 raffle.  Greg to contact Lynn for propane heater and Nawrots for burn barrels and to see if they could plow the area. Other acrtivities: Ice Golf, skating, Hockey, ice fishing.
  4. V.P. Report: Contained in President's report.
  5. Treasurers Report: 2nd half of Baypoints back dues are now due per our agreement with them last year. We have $4824 in checking and $7439 in Scudder. We earned $752 in interest last year. Bob won't make the February meeting or the winter fest due to a vacation.
  6. Secretary's Report: Need to renew website for another year. Forward weed harvest email to Mark Boley.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a.  Social - Covered in President.
    b.  Water Quality - Fish stock: Beginning to work with DNR for 2011. This is a pike stocking year. Looking into alternatives for weed harvesting.
    c.  Ecology/Biology - Working with Marshall Labadie at WB to possibly clean out the sumps at the heads of the street drains. Mark Boley will get Carim a contact # at OC Drain Commission. Also looking into cutting back discharge drains at lake side and installing a rock garden swails to aerate and filter the runoff. Agreed to take Marshall out on a boat this summer. Also may get free landscape textile from WB that we could install to help trap sediment.
    d.  Lake safety - absent.
    e.  Government Relations - Mike investigated Huron River Watershed recommended meetings and wants to coordinate with the other Straits Lakes. Since we have public access we could spearhead any initiatives, but would be more likely to succeed with the backing of the other 2 lakes in our chain.

  8. New Business: West Acres got DEQ and WB permits to install boulders on their property. 2/12 is their annual meeting. Next meeting CJ's.
  9. Old Business - Motion to Adjourn 8:31