Middle Straits Lake Improvement Association


Wednesday, April 14, 2021
7:00 PM, Eastern Time

  1. Called to Order at 7:13 PM. Present: Pete S, Greg A, Mike C, Matt B, Bob B, Jeff C, Kara D, Marilyn Meisner - Westacres
  2. Minutes were approved from the March meeting.
  3. Presidents Report: Lake level is low, Jeff Payne called and Pete called and according to WRC they started pumping last week.
  4. V.P. Report: Stickers are in.
  5. Secretary Report: Noted a guest attendee, Marilyn Meisner is from Westacres and she wanted to know what fish we stocked and whether they could be eaten. Pete described our fish stocking program and advised that she follow State of Michigan guidelines for fish consumption. Bob Barbour requested a PDF version of the newsletter.
  6. Treasurers Report: Went over Chip’s report. Mike Caruso offered to do a matching funds donation to spur more donations. Jeff Carroll offered to allow a plane ride auction.
  7. Standing Committee reports

    a. Social – Submitted permit fee to WB for fireworks. Matt Ureste agreed to chair the golf outing. The summer party will be on August 7th because August 14th is the boat rally date.
    b. Water Quality – Cody K- Absent
    c. Ecology/Biology – Al P - Absent
    d. Lake Safety – Bob B – No report.
    e. Public Relations – Still looking for 2020 newsletter – Greg has been unable to locate.
    f. Associations – Sean said most of TBCA activities are on hold but they will have their tag
    day and issue new keys in the spring.

  8. New Business – Westacres marina permit discussion and next steps.
  9. Old Business – Next meeting May 12 th, will confirm location week before the meeting. Adjourned at 7:54 PM.